A lot of questions

At the age of 24, Isabel completed her Masters in Mechanical Engineering. But, she had no idea what she wanted to do. “Who am I? What do I want in life? What do I want to do? What if I make the wrong decisions, and I dive into deep regret like my father, who sacrificed himself for us, especially after my mother’s death, which I never overcame. I am lost…”

Her academic studies were her anchor and until now, her purpose in life. Today, it was no longer so. Isabel had been one of the best students in her course and now she was entering life in a harbor boat heading to the open sea.

At first, the focus was on overcoming her mother’s death, through a process of honoring her with her happiness, determination, and integrity, remembering that the main objective of a mother and father is or should be their children’s happiness. After overcoming this trauma, we had another challenge: finding out what Isabel’s tastes and talents were. All of the areas have an infinite number of possibilities and opportunities that can be explored, universes within the Universe. It was important to understand her reality and what Isabel could do hour after hour forgetting about space and time.

With the support of her strong and disciplinary father, Isabel decided to backpack around Southern Asia. Today, she is an engineer in a large Spanish company, and we continue our coaching sessions online.

“I changed the way I see things. I used look negatively upon certain aspects of my vision of the world. Today, I understand that it is precisely these aspects, differentiators, that make me the fulfilled person I am.”  

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