A radical process of self-reinvention

José, age 52, is the CEO of a large company. We met through a recommendation by an Executive Coach client. During the very first session, José shared with me that he felt a huge emptiness. He had a very active social life, was part of several think tanks, was actively involved in politics, etc. Yet, contrary to what anyone could imagine, he was far from feeling fulfilled. He had an older son who was studying abroad, was twice divorced, had lost motivation to exercise, and was gaining weight. His self-esteem was plummeting, and he was beginning to feel old and aimless, without a compelling image of his future.

We began a radical process of self-reinvention. We brainstormed and designed the appealing future image that was truly strong and relevant as an aggregating element of significance, purpose, and accomplishment. We drew up a calendar for the concretization of his personal strategy. José is one of my oldest clients, and I am proud to call him my friend.

“At the age of 50, we think that we have captured all of the knowledge in the world and that it will be difficult for us to ever change. With Miguel’s help, I was able to rediscover my life strategy and realize how important it is to have a Life Coach, someone to help us find new paths. Thank you, Miguel!”

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