Emotionally out of control

At the age of 29, Leonor found herself in an emotional crisis that stopped her from accepting a professional challenge abroad. Leonor described the panic and anguish she felt about not getting married before she turned 30, in her words, “I am afraid of becoming a spinster.” This was a clear case of an internal conflict between her values, principles and identity, and external expectations, with a huge amount of family and social pressure.”

In an almost internal detox process of discovering her identity and purpose in life, today, Leonor lives in Brussels, where she met her husband and father of her son. Today we still continue monthly coaching sessions focused on the professional area, mostly on leadership strategy.

“It was, and still is, a liberating experience. We come to the conclusions that the greatest prisons of all are, without a doubt, the mental ones. We are only truly happy when we live life according to our own values and principles.”

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