Leadership & Impact

A radical process of self-reinvention

José, age 52, is the CEO of a large company. We met through a recommendation by an Executive Coach client. During the very first session, José shared with me that he felt a huge emptiness. He had a very active social life, was part of several think tanks, was actively involved in politics, etc. Yet, contrary to what anyone could

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Today, he is a businessman, employing almost 150 people

João felt lost, disoriented, demotivated, and hopeless. At almost 40, he was far from reaching his expectations. His regrets were many…he looked back at his past with anguish, regretting the academic career he had chosen, invitations he declined, others he had accepted, etc. In his eyes, he had done everything in his reach to meet his expectations. For this reason,

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The real process of transformation

Francisco, CEO of a hotel business, lived a life of anguish and anxiety. His problems varied. On one hand, he realized he was a self-made man, honored for his merit and efforts. On the other hand, he lacked certain tools and knowledge that would allow him to be more efficient and effective in his management. The challenges that he was

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