Working together with a relationship

Pedro and Inês had been in a relationship for 15 years. They met each other at the ages of 25 and 27 respectively, dated for almost 4 years, until they got married and live together. The beginning of a life together, according to them, was a painful experience. They discovered incompatible habits, ways of being, among others. Some years later, they had three children. What they thought, initially, could be reaching family fulfillment through their children, turned out to be a test for their marriage.

Inês, unconsciously, played the role of motherhood, forgetting about her identity as a woman. Pedro sought the variety and achievement he needed at work. When they reached out to me, their marriage was in a very complicated state.

Today, Pedro and Inês regret not having reached out to me sooner. They rediscovered a marvelous marriage, far beyond what they were expecting. Inês knows herself better now, naturally distinguishing between her roles as mother and woman, and Pedro pays special attention to his family, living the here and now with his wife and children.

“If today we are a happy and complete couple, we owe it to Miguel. We advise all couples who at some point in their lives question the path they are taking, to look for this fantastic Life Coach.”

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