Raquel, age 41, economist by profession, is partner at one of the 4 biggest auditing companies in the world (Big4), having dedicated her entire life to her career and professional success. Looking back on her life, she realized that with the exception of her career and health, all of the other areas of her life were still open for exploration, which she perceived as a miss-match with her professional success.

At one point, she confided in me that in the past she had made decisions she was proud of, but that today she was paying a high price for the choices she made. She had no children or partner to share her life with. The few relationships she had had were complicated, some even traumatic, strongly impacting her confidence when it came to relationships.

Today, after a process of understanding her needs and the vehicles she used to satisfy them, Raquel is able to maintain a stable and trusting relationship with her partner. She requalified her strategic perspective, having rediscovered a life compatible with her demanding professional life, and with a huge added value.

“If today I have a new life, I can say that it is thanks to my commitment and to the support Miguel gave me. Without him, this change would not have been possible.”

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